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"Forgive me if I stutter...

...from all of the clutter in my head."

Well, I can now say that I am the self-proclaimed least lucky person in the entire world. Lost all my money in AC, which wouldn't have pissed me off so much, but seeing that Dana was winning everytime I turned around, it kinda frustrated me. But all in all we had a good time. It was a little too chilly for me, and it was entirely too windy, which caused me to worry about how my hair looked the entire trip. LOL. Have to say that the best part of the trip was the bath tub in the hotel room. That had to be the most relaxing bath I've ever taken. Splended. Simply splended. But of course, Dana and I couldn't go 2 days without getting into an arguement. I love that man to death, but he just irritates the shit out of me sometimes. He can never seem to just let things go. We went to dinner on Wednesday night and the waiter was flirting with me a little. All throughout dinner he was making little comments about it and it was really pissing me off. And then of course, like a typical man, he got all macho, like he was going to kick the shit out of him. LOL, if it really came down to it, I think Dana would run away like a scared little girl. It's mean to say, but it's so true.

"A clean break is easier.
You can reset it, and it heals.
And then you move on.
But, if you leave things messy or
things don't get put right.
Then it just hurts.

-Joyce (Little Black Book)

Memo to self: Try to clean up the messes from past relationships, so that this one will flourish. It's never too late to put things right.
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