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And all the lights that lead us there are blinding...

Well, I believe the worst is gone and only good things are yet to come. 

I got through Kathy's veiwing/funeral on Wednesday. It was rough. About 30 of us from work all met at the store and headed over together. I think her family was wondering who the hell we were. We all stood in the back, cause all the seats were filled. Everyone was pretty calm until Rachel (Admin Dept. Manager) got up and started talking. She said that she was up there on behalf/representing everyone in the back from Lowe's. She said that Kathy was as much of a part of our family as she was their's. She went on to say that she was a mother, a sister, a friend to everyone at work...and then all you hear is the entire back of the room sobbing. It was pretty bad. I think the hardest was seeing the guys crying. A crying man will get me every time. But I think going brought closure to everyone, which is good. 

Dana and I got into a big fight that day though, cause I rode with Dan and Jeana, and not Dana and Zibby. And the only reason I went with Dan was because that was the smoking car. Dana and Zibby don't smoke, and I wanted a cigarette. Plain and simple. But who would have thought that that would have caused such a big commotion. But it did, and we eventually got over it.

So all in all, things are returning back to normal, for now anyway. Dana and I are going to Atlantic City next week, which is super exciting. I'll have to let everyone know how much I win/lose!! Hopefully it won't be too bad. But then again, my luck is pretty shitty!

My birthday is on Sunday, which is great. I love my birthday, even though I'm at an age where birthday's really don't mean as much anymore, I still love them!! I'm gonna be the big 2-3! OMG, I'm starting to get old! And I don't even know what I want to do with my life yet...time to get crackin' Melissa!!! I think a bunch of us are going out on Saturday, but nothing is official yet. 

Well, I gotta get going...I'm off to dinner with my father. This ought to be fun.

Until next time.

(14 days till St. Patty's Day!!)
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